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MAC Landscape is a landscape design-build company led by Kyle McEnroe. MAC Landscape focuses on delivering high quality residential and small-commercial installations throughout the Charlotte area.

We conveniently offer consultations, design services, and installation, and pride ourselves in providing a friendly, transparent, and enjoyable experience for our clients. 

Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, every project is custom tailored to your needs. We bring creative solutions to challenging issues.

Our philosophy is built on reliability, responsiveness, and delivering

high quality work.

For additional information or to schedule a consultation:

"Our outdoor designs focus on the long term success of the landscape using the proper planting techniques, drainage design and hardscape installation methods."


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Kyle McEnroe


Landscape Architect, Kyle McEnroe,

believes in delivering thoughtful and creative landscapes. He meets with clients, envisions and designs gardens and landscapes.


Gray Edgerton

Designer, Production Director

With a background in art and design, Gray brings his knowledge and passion to the design and installation of bespoke outdoor living areas and unique artistic features.  

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Daquan Locke

Landscape Foreman

Daquan's energy and enthusiasm for landscape is an asset in the construction and implementation of MAC landscape projects.

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Brian Wolhar

Equipment Manager / Landscaper

With years of experience in landscape construction, Brian handles logistics of materials and equipment as well as specializing in irrigation installation.


“Everything was 5 star- the design, their professionalism, knowledge on land/hardscaping and lighting. Kyle  (owner) takes a LOT of pride in his work and is very flexible to make sure the client is happy. ”

Sara G.

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