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Charlotte Landscape Design

A Design-Build Company

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Founder and Landscape Architect, Kyle McEnroe, believes in delivering thoughtful and creative landscapes.


Our outdoor designs focus on the long term success of the landscape using the proper planting techniques, drainage design and hardscape installation methods. 


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We conveniently offer consultations, design services, and installation, and pride ourselves in providing a friendly, transparent, and enjoyable experience for our clients. 


Instead of a one size fits all approach, every project is custom tailored to your needs. We bring creative solutions to challenging issues.


Our philosophy is built on reliability, responsiveness, and delivering.

We look forward to working with you soon!



From a site analysis where we learn your goals all the way to installation, we'll tackle your project with care and turn your vision into a reality. 

With our creative design, every project is custom-tailored to your needs


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