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Enter "Dreams Labyrinth" and follow the path, winding your way around til you arrive at the center. This site-specific stone artwork was designed and built for our client’s woodland garden in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our design merges organic forms with ancient Celtic designs. It features a Celtic Cross motif in the center and a hidden letter "R" as a tribute to the Reames family. The overall concentric mushroom-like shape is nestled around an old growth oak tree that stands at the threshold of the labyrinth, generating a dialogue between the artwork and its woodland surroundings. Walking a labyrinth is a form of active meditation that many enthusiasts use as a spiritual practice. The 'Dreams Labyrinth' begs the viewer to pause and contemplate their connection to nature and the ancients.

Belgian Block granite cobblestones were used for the path and locally-sourced Swiss Sparkle flagstone mortared into place to delineate the edges. A stone wall built from stacked Shawnee wall boulders supports the creekside perimeter. 

"My dream for this project was to build a sacred space in the garden that paid homage to the prehistoric stone sites of antiquity. A place to tune in and become centered."

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